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Originally Posted by Mr Toes View Post
I just thought I would post some more good stuff Obama is doing.

Here's a quote from the Federal Reserve Chairman.

"at the present level of debt and the present administration's budget is passed, that the debt of the United States will be unsustainable."

Obama Sucks Ass
I think I tried to talk about this in another thread back when Bush was in office but everyone just jumped all over me, but if I'm right (and I usually am), Obama is just another in the line starting with Reagan and every one since on both sides of the aisle that is selling us out to the banksters. The goal is to create such a deep national debt that we are forced to declare force majeure. At that point, they own us. I think the party lines disappeared long ago boys, and "they" are trying to keep us fighting with each other while they take over the whole ball of wax.

I would rather fight them than you.
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