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Originally Posted by Haggar
In the real world, things are not black and white like you think they are in Mt. Pleasant.

In the first two trimesters, anything that puts the mother at risk instantly puts equal or greater risk on the baby. If mom doesn't survive, baby can NOT survive. So there is no scenario at that point where NOT aborting a fetus in the extreme case of saving the mothers life makes any rational sense.

In the thrid trimeter, there are options open, and possibilities. Babies *may* survive in the NICU born as early as 24-26 weeks, although the risk is extreme, it is certainly preferable to abortion. There again, is extremely limited(can't think of any at the moment, although there are always medical oddities that occur) scenario where an emergency cesarean cannot be performed in the same time as an abortion procedure. I'm seen just how fast it can happen with things go downhill.

And this is compleatly different then some chick that doesn't want a kid and goes and gets an abortion and those situation are what I am against. In the situations above I would go with the recomendation of the medical staff which I stated previously because I don't know everything and trust them and their judgment.
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