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Originally Posted by Haggar
Actually, I was furthering what JAS said, regarding abortion to save the life of the mother. You are talking about a scenario where you choose mother vs baby. It statistically is a non-existant scenario.

What you have to understand when it comes to the abortion as birth control, is what happens when you take it away.

My family is strong anti-abortion. The practice is abhorrant to me. But people are going to do it. Remove the option, now you have 100x more cases of coat hanger back alley abortions and baseball bats to the stomach. You'll have false claims of incest and rape (with parental backing, even) to get an abortion approved.

As I am pro-life in most cases I see your point. With out abortions how many messed up kids are there going to be because of horrible parents. If there was no options maybe it would force people actually think about what they are doing.
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