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Originally Posted by Mr Toes View Post
I also would like proof the Buddha ever actually existed.

No old books or writings allowed.

No stories passed down through generations allowed.

I think you believe in a fairy tale, a cartoon character, a childrens bed time story.

Wow this is kinda fun, not much in the way of intellegence but fun.

Gives me a new perspective on the anti christians.
See Tommy,
That's the great thing about being Buddhist; the fact that nothing is promised - good OR bad - only how to get through life and be happy.

The teachings are much like the 10 commandments in that they relate guidelines on morality (except nothing says Worship no other God in Buddhism); you accept others as they are. You know that what others do may hurt you and you work on dealing with it and not take it personally.

I'm also not anti-Christian - I will poke and prod at things in Christianity that I don't like, however, I am not against Christians. I rather care for many Christians in my life - YOU INCLUDED, TOES!

Because I do not yet understand Christianity or if I ever will understand it and become a Christian does not make me against it.

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