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I guess by definition, I'm a Non-Theist. I believe in a supream being of some type but I believe very little of traditional religious teachings. I believe in "God" but I don't believe in Heaven or Hell. I try to be a good person without putting on a false front for the big payoff after death.

I think the Bible has many good teachings in it but it is also full of contradictions and hate. I also feel the teachings of the Bible have been twisted over time by men trying to use "the word of God" in a manner to achieve their own agenda.

These are my personal views and I don't expect anybody anywhere to believe in God the same way I do. I respect other people's views as long as they respect mine.

One thing that does drive me nutty is how some Christians feel the need to "recruite" people to gain bonus points with God. The smugness and self rightousness that is broadcast by some of these individuals is laughable at times.

I guess in summary, religion is a personal attibute. All I ask is that you keep your views to yourself.
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