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Originally Posted by ScOoTeR View Post
No, you're just not the best salesman for the afterlife. If you worked solely on commission, you'd end up having to suck cock just to buy your expected child diapers.

I am a Non-Theist. I prefer Buddhism, which is more a way of life and conducting oneself than actually worshiping a god. And before the ignorant claim Buddha is a "God", I will remind you that he was the first person to achieve enlightenment and tried to teach others how to reach nirvana.

Much like Jesus, except Buddha was a mere man and nirvana referred to living in complete harmony and understanding (in the NOW) instead of a promise of eternal afterlife in Heaven.
I also would like proof the Buddha ever actually existed.

No old books or writings allowed.

No stories passed down through generations allowed.

I think you believe in a fairy tale, a cartoon character, a childrens bed time story.

Wow this is kinda fun, not much in the way of intellegence but fun.

Gives me a new perspective on the anti christians.
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