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Originally Posted by cmujeeper
If Devos wins then maybe he can turn around MI just like his comercial said he turned Grand Rapids into the AWESOME city it is today :tonka:
Please expand on that, he was never in a political position to do anything or legislate changes in GR that i am aware of. How much can a private individual do more than the van andels and devos do for GR, or that mr. illitch or mr. karmanos have done for detroit. Something is very very wrong with you if yo uexpect a private individual to turn around a city of 200,000+ I would like to see you even try to turn around one neigborhood yourself and see how far you get

Originally Posted by cmujeeper
Amway = Pipe dream for the poor to think they could possible get rich like Devos
^ :miff: YEAH LIKE thats so much worse than lieing and trying to tell voters you will legislate life style changes for them and give them aid untill the are a sucess, or mandate success (affirmitive action), support non success (well fare) WTF is your problem !!!

Is giving people a side business to make honest extra money a crime? There are 1,000s of people that made small fortune in amway. AMway is still around and devos's and van andels are billionaires and did it selling soap, so they musta did something right. :shrug: Why is being successful = you scamed everyone.

Who is a respected successful businessmen in your eyes CMUJEEPER?

Most importantly why is being a success in private business less virtuous than being a career polititican. Career politicans are not what america is about, not what founding fathers had in mind, and notwhat is good for the state or the country.
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