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Originally Posted by Blackjackbender
I think we are screwed either way. My problem with Devos is that he supports charter schools and dont quote me but im pretty sure give money to private schools. But Granholm is just fucking up it seams so its time to give a new person a chance.
charter schools are public. The arent part of the wasteful public school system that takes 11,000 - 15,000 PER STUDENT in a classroom of 30 kids = budget of 330,000 per year (11k x 30 kids) for one teacher to sit in a cinderblock room and talk for a few hours per day. Its terribly wasteful system.

heres a link.

You may be thinking of vouchersí which allow you to take your state tax education dollars to any school. Which makes sense, Detroit schools for example would dry up and nice schools that teach would have tons of money and tons of eager kids, and parents who want their kids to learn, which in my opinion public or private is fine with me. Take the tax dollars to private school. THEY ARE YOUR TAX DOLLARS!!! The state doesnít make the money, and the teachers union shouldnít be owed anything.

Jenny from the block has had no good ideas for anything much less accomplished anything of merit to deserve to stay in office. Her "ill make the president lower gas prices TV commercial" is just offensive and so pandering to the lowest common denominator she should never be allowed to do anything except take ethics classes.

Explain to me cmujeeper how a business is bad that no one is forced to work for or buy from? Then explain to me how a woman who has worked for the state for more than 10 years, served as attorney general and governor can PRENTEND she has the means to lower gas prices "for working families" ??? She is hoodwinking dumb poorly educated folks more than anything AMWAY ever did, and AMWAY didnít do it under the guise of greater good and serving the public ..... as public servant like jenny from the block. She has NO CONSCIENTS if she thought of that commercial. I have never seen or heard of an AMWAY product that didnít do what I was supposed to do, have you?

On the plus side "SHE" did bring 100 Google jobs and only lost 40,000 jobs, so thatís a big plus for me. And we have the second worst economy after Alaska ... which though a state is really more like the Wild West so you can just call Michiganís economy the worst. More free thinking?
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