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Originally Posted by L4CX View Post
Yup. My Wife has a Spiritual gift of being able to sense Demons as well. She occasionally will see one. One of my friends sees them all the time. All Gifts from the Holy Spirit. That's probably why most of you non-believers don' in this stuff. Just think about it next time the hair on the back of our neck raises.....

Personally, I don't enjoy that subject and I defiantly don't go out looking for Demons to Exorcise. But, in my calling, you run into them. It's good to know what to do. I usually just pray.
I can believe it. One of my basic beliefs is that as biologically based creatures there is much about this world that we do not, and perhaps can not understand or even conceive of. Within this realm of unknown and/or unknowable things I believe that the possibility exists for the existence of non-biological life forms. Call them angels, demons, spirits, gods, ghosts, aliens, or Santa Claus and the tooth fairy, they can not be proven to not exist, therefor it is only logical to leave open the possibility that they do exist.
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