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Originally Posted by MISHOWJEEPER View Post
People crack me up, seeing demons? Maybe you should have layed off the acid at that concert. X2 on these whack jobs needing meds, or maybe the balls to face reality and mortality.

Yeah, I hope my one friend isn't on, or has ever taken, Acid or any other drug for that matter. He's in ROTC and is going to training for his career this summer. Something to do with Missle defense.....He could probably take down just about any body on this board. He's a very logical person, He just sees demons. But, LIke I've said, this is something I don't expect you guys to even understand because you're not believers. To those in the Darkness Christ seems foolish, but to those that believe it is the source of light.

For the Record. MOst people that experience this kind of Gift have never done drugs. At all. In reality most of my fellow Christians have a Firm Grasp on Reality and Mortality because we know that the Reality is that so many are lost and We, as humans, can't live forever.

Originally Posted by disorder xj View Post
You don't have a .44 caliber do You?
Not Yet.

Originally Posted by mikesova View Post
I don't know who's crazier, your wife for thinking she sees demons, or you for believing her.
What does your wife think about the subject? I'm sorry for you to think that me believing my wife, in something that is an intregal part of OUR faith, is crazy. :shrug:
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