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Originally Posted by cmujeeper
I hate all gays and hate that I can't beat them up now because of the hate crime laws. . . stupid gays!! Why do you think I like to wheel. I know all you conservatives wouldn't let any Flamers (besides BDR :tonka:and I know BDR isn't gay but his jeep might be) on the trail.

I'm 75/25 pro life. I think abortion of incest and rape should be the only time allowed. You made the decision to have sex and knew of the possible responsibilities of the actions so you just might have to take care of a kid because of it.
I guess if the woman would die if she has a baby, then she should just plain die. Its her fault because she had sex anyway.

You know what, if I were you, I'd work on the way I present my ideas, and not be so confrontational and abrasive.

The great thinkers of the world are able to bring their ideas forward in a non-abrasive, non-confrontational way so that people would think about what they had to say, and when it made sense, adopt their ideas as their own. You call yourself a free-thinker, but these are not the thoughts of a free-thinker, they are the thoughts of a close-minded bigot. Just my .02
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