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So, anyways, I know it's been a long time since any sort of updates. Well I have mainly just been selling off old parts and collecting new. I have spent countless hours researching on the build . Not much actual work on the jeep. But there is a pic in my profile of it on the 39's and h1's lol. So all I have really done is strip everything out and off of it and put the motor and tranny in along with placing the axles and tires. I love two piece wheels, they make mounting tires sooo easy! Well they were still a biatch to get the beads to seal, but easy to mount lol. Nothing a couple rachet straps wont take care of. I didn't mount them with the mag inserts yet as I still have to cut them down. I just wanted to roll the axles around and get a general placement to set it all up.

I did change my mind on the rear axle and decided to use a 67 dodge motorhome rear 60HD that has the dana 70 spindles and hubs so I can use the 1.5" 35 spline shafts and narrow the wms 2". Should be beefy enough I hope

Going to shorten the front 86 hp 60 2.12" by using a 79 ford 60 long side shaft to match the rear wms better. The new combo will equate to 66.88" font/ 65" rear wms to wms.

The h1's I have are recentered to I think 3.5" backspacing. The tires are 39.5 x15 x16.5 tls. Should make for a nice width all together! Not too wide, not too short... just right lol. I am stretching the front around 4" or so. The rear is going to be between 5 and 7". Not sure where it will end up at for sure untill I get the links all set up. I have made the decision to keep the corners full stretch style and NOT comp cut for a cleaner look. This will still keep the tires far back enough to give a nice departure angle but look clean. I also want to set everything up for the abilities to mount 42"s easily once my 39"s are worn out.

The motor and trans have been in for some time now. I am going to run a 14" round, top mount air cleaner (carb style). The problem is that even with a 2" body lift the cleaner sits right up against the hood cross braceing. So, I will either try to find one that sits lower or just cut a big hole in the hood and put on a cowl type hood scoop.

I am also going to try to keep the skid flush as possible to the frame. It's a debate as to either running flush of bringing down the body lift an inch as I don't really like the 2". But the headers I have also require the 2" if I remember correctly to clear under the fire wall. I don't really want to hack into the firewall, but we'll see.

As for a t-case, if money permits I want to do a stak 3 speed mini monster with the 1.1, 2.15, 3.78 ratio. Then it offers the ability to match up a 2.72 doubler with a 321 box for rocks or klune-v. The ratios would then be, 1.1, 2.15, 2.72, 3.78, 5.84, 10.28. Awesome!!!! But do I really need all that? prob not but it would still be awesome to have all those options on hand so why not. So I am saving for the stak currently lol. I will do some more research first though as I've rear both good and bad things about these and the customer service that comes along with them. If all else fails then I'll just get a atlas 4 speed and call it good I guess.

Got a set of air shocks bought. Just waiting on their delivery now. 2 14" and 2 16" fox 2.5s !!! I figure they will be a great starting point for now. If I don't like them than I can get coilovers down the road. At least I can get my rig rolling on something for now.

Got a rear poly/genright four link kit and a bluetorch fab rear truss kit. Just need the front 3 link kit now. Getting that soon I hope.

Gonna run with a single ended full hydro setup to make things real easy. Not sure who I'll use yet, but whatever... just going to mount it to a HD tierod and then to the axle itself. Going to just use the stock ford knuckle mounts as they sit fairly high and will allow me to get away without high steer arms and the clearance issue with the frame at full bump.

Well, that's it so far. Got it all figured out and collecting the parts. Just need to start getting it all put together LOL.


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