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Originally Posted by jamiesann
I however would be willing to trade gay marriage for the abolition of affirmitive action. Pro gay marriage types have no ground to stand on when they also support affirmitive action. they want functionally the same thing(all races are equal yetsupport affirmative action) to be treated different. They want functional different sex to be treated the same (womens wages, woman work less overtime, and the fact they have kids makes them a rish to employee should they leave for caring the baby), and they want functionally different non offspring producing couples to be treated the same. GOTTA MAKE UP YOUR MIND! I know the liberal platform is based on having your cake and eating it too, but you gotta pick on idea and stick with it!!!

Originally Posted by mikesova
wtf are you talking about

I was trying to say that different should not be called the same, and then things that are the same should not be treated differently. I.E. All races are the same in terms of natural born potential. Yet minorites, handicaps, women, everyone wants to be told they are the same yet gleefully accept affirmitive action benifits and quotas. BULL!! Either we are the same or we are not.

Woman will tell you they can do everything a man can. For the most part they can except for most are less than 1/2 as strong as the average man and to appease woman voters and liberal jackass' we have woman firefighters who cant do the job a 5th grade boy could do. YET THEY ARE PAID THE SAME. In the business world you can spend tens of thousands to train someone, have hundreds of thousands of dollars of business and plans tied up with them. Woman are a gamble. NO MAN IS GONNA GET PREGGO AND QUIT! The fact that woman make less is directly related to historical figure as primary care giver and they work less overtime, and take time off to raise kids and that holds back their career. THEY ARE NOT THE SAME AS MEN.

Sure gays can adopt, THEY ARENT PRODUCING the kids though. Can i adopt a little black kid and get his affirmitive action credit and cruise through life as a white dude with a black-get-through-life-freebie card?

Since you asked about getting married and not having kids, thats dumb. Just live as common law marriage, or bf/gf. No need to needlessly get the law tied up in your affairs and make for a messy divorce. Sure you can get married but its dumb. Plus there is the POTENTIAL to create or someday become the nuclear family that society wants and needs. No gays no matter how much they hump are gonna pop out a baby :miff:

All these things the liberals want, things that are clearly NOT equal to be treated equal, even when it makes no sense. Gay marriage is another instance. The fact they want to call it marriage and not somehting else just offends more people, and i think they LOVE this though will not admit it.

Its messed up circular logic that CANNOT be defended. Pic a stance and i will poke a hole in it with why it contradicts another sub groupd they want to defend.

- Tell me how gay marriage benefits society in one way?

-Tell me why being single isnt a protected sub group who gets the same benefits as married couple ?
Cant a single man raise a kid. LOL try to adopt a kid as a single man. They automatically assume you are a molester. How is that possible arent we all the same??????????

-How come woman get custody 90% of the time. Cant a single man raise his own biological child.

Unless you can answer these questions, and not have one answer contradict another .... then go away

-Its not victorian times. Women go to school, and work. When a hetero couple breaks up why do women get alimony??????

-Also when a gay marriage couple breaks up, how does the law decide which one has to work for the next 20 years and the other one kicks back and relax's?

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