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I have turned in negative complaints before. This is more of an annoyance even though the pads had material left I probably should have pulled them awhile ago.

Why don't you think that turning rotors is acceptable? In my opinion a good lathe can turn them better than brand new ones and the OEM quality is alot of times better than the aftermarket. Why do you think that in the last ten years you can get rotors for normal cars and half ton trucks for half of what they used to be = Cheap metal sources.

This truck still takes more pedal effort than I think that it should for having hydraulically assisted four wheel disc brakes with two piston calipers. Why could I stop by 79 F150 or my 83 E150 so much easier even with rear drums? Yeah they were a little lighter than a Diesel F250 but they have less brake surfaces etc. as well.

P.S. Bosch ABS system on my 99 F150 was suicidal if you started sliding backwards down a sandy hill while still in Drive ABS thought you were in trouble and released all brake pressure. Did this several times with a bed full of people up north definetly not safe.

And Yes they tried to turn the rears at Rochester Auburn Rd. Murray's didn't charge me for them when they had turned them as far as they could because they weren't clean enough. Bought the new ones from them. Brakes work pretty well now not much shudder stops are firm.

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