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Originally Posted by aber61 View Post
I really hope that the ones that voted for this administration are happy with how their vote is turning this country into a socialist state.
Actually, a good number of the "Obamamaniacs" are still convinced that Barry is the greatest thing. Just today at work, I was talking to this woman who was high as hell on him before the elections. I asked her how the Obama thing was working out for her, and she said 'Great". I asked her what she thought was so great about him, and she said he is the hardest working president we've ever had, the smartest, and that he has so much integrity! I about shit when she said it. I asked how she could talk about integrity when his cabinet is full of clowns like Tim Geithner who, as a tremendous tax cheat, got the job as Treasury Secretary, in charge of the IRS, and her response was "So I suppose you think Sarah Palin is intelligent?" At that point I realized there was no use continuing the conversation.
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