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Originally Posted by brewmenn
I consider myself a "middle grounder"

I think the war in Iraq was a bad idea, felt that way from the begining. Not the I thought Sadam was a great guy or anything and do believe the world is better off without him in power anywhere, but if you had asked my when it started what I thought the situation would be 3 years later I would have described pretty much the current situation. suicide bombers, car bombs, fighting between rival factions... I think there were better ways of achieving our goals.

Our government definatly wastes too much of our money.

I don't care what gays do, i just don't see why we should change the thousands of year old definition of "marriage" just to make them feel better about it. I see it as them "wanting to have thier cake and eat it too" They want the benifits of marriage while living an "alternative" lifestyle. They seem to think were "forcing" our morals on them, but i see it as them trying to "force" me to accept thier lifestyle as "normal". Do what you want, but don't try to force the rest of the world to accept it. It affects me because the company I work for and do business with have to pay for many of those benifits. I worry that some companys, faced with the choice of having to support a lifestyle they find immoral or not offering benifits to any spouses may chose the later.

I'm part pro-choice and part pro-life. It's good to give people choices, I just happen to think that abortion is a bad choice most of the time. I don't think it should ever be used as a method of birth control, both for moral reasons and for practical reasons, i.e. costs and risks to the mothers health vs. methods of birth control that would have prevented the pregnancy in the first place. I was in the situation of having to help make that choice 17 years ago and I'm glad with the choice we made (life). But I'm not sure if i would have been happy with the choice then if it had been forced upon us.
i agree with you on all that stuff except the gay marriage part. To me there are two types of marriage, one that is recognized by the church and one that is recognized by the government. The governmental definition they are trying to change is the one that is only a couple hundred years old. Sure if the church doesn't want to do that fine, but what's so terrible about two people who are together getting the economic benefits that any other married couple would get. So in a sense, you wouldn't have to see them as being married in the romantic old church style, just in the crunching numbers, government style.
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