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Originally Posted by mikesova View Post
is that not a fair retort?
ignore the article much? look at the types of legislation that have been passed using reconciliation compared to what is being threatened by the Obama/Reed camp...

look at the true consensus that previous social legislation was passed with compared to how bitter this debacle is being debated/polled at. while doing that, keep in mind that your liar of a president campaigned on hope and change, on coalition building.

he has demonstrated the absolute worst of chicago style politics instead.

Originally Posted by aber61 View Post
If the people say they do not want it why is it ok for the government to still continue to ram this thing through?
The people need to tell the obama team that if this goes through that thier jobs will be gone. I like the saying YOUR FIRED
That's why moderate are resisting, and why Obama is all but sure to push this through reconciliation - the moderates know they will be out of a Job come November if they put any support behind this debacle. As the article states, he is resolutely marching forward and more than willing to sacrifice his party members on the bayonets so to speak.
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