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Kind of split on this one. My Dad was unable to find another job in automotive design. He was on unemployment, actively seeking new jobs, and was unable to find any. He'll be 62 this year. Not exactly the age where you can easily switch things up, take classes or whatever to get a different job. Because of his heart and back he was able to go on Social Security Disability.

If you're single with low amounts of debt and responsibilities, it's pretty easy to change gears to do something else. When you have a house, married, kids, etc. it's not easy to go into more debt by starting an education for something else. Even if you go try and find a job at a retail outlet, you probably won't get a full time position and the hours you want.

There needs to be a limit for it, and there will always be people that will take advantage of the system. There needs to be better screening for it so people aren't doing that. There are people that truly need help, and no matter what they do they may not be able to find a job. Sooner or later the lifeline needs to be cut.
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