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Originally Posted by deuce228 View Post
The problem with Bunning is he seems to be doing this as a personal vendetta, but that also could be the media skewing reality.
That may very well be the case. I know the Republican Party in Kentucky was really having some problems with him last year and when there was talk within the state of him being challenged by a fellow Republican for his Senate seat, he threatened to sue the state branch of the party if they didn't support him over a challenger.

From a bunch of other stuff I have read regarding him over the past year and a half or so, it seems like he is turning into a spiteful old man.

All that being said, generally I think that he is right... if you are going to increase spending somewhere, you should have to show where that money is coming from. Unfortunately, he hasn't been consistent in his approach. He didn't stand in the way of Bush's prescription drug coverage expansion (he voted for it) and he voted for legislation previously that extended unemployment benefits without showing where the money was coming from. And I don't think that this is the best issue to take this stand on. Especially so late in the process. There is plenty of research that shows that unemployment benefits provide more quick economic stimulus than almost any program because the folks that receive these monies are the ones that need it the most. The majority of this money gets quickly spent on groceries, gas, rent, etc... Some goes towards paying down somebodies personal debt and of course there are those that might not necessarily need it and just sock it away in savings or buy frivolous items and there are some who abuse the system and buy drugs or go to the casino. But I'm willing to bet that the majority of the money goes to honest folks and it would really be foolish to hurt those who are in the most dire circumstances just out of spite.
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