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a shifter uses a much heavier chassis, 4 wheel brakes are mandatory. The closest place that might still race shifters is South Bend IN. Altough they would most likely demand a chassis built for a shifter.

250CC are only raced on road course like Gratten, Gingerman, full size sports car tracks. They call it enduro or road racing. That really maybe you best bang for the buck, those are ussally less money. They will race several classes up to 250CC. Since you are in the turns less percentage there is not quite as much demand on the chassis design, possibly more on chassis set up variations. (Don't tell them I said less demand :) ) Also big track karts (Enduro) seem to be more individually designed. The short track chassis are also raced there.

Also you have dirt oval racing, there is some "outlaw" racing that sometimes allow "run what you brung", they ussally stop around 225CC maybe 250 now. The chassis are specialized for ovals nowadays. Those guys often have a pile of tires for different conditions. And often change tires throught the day.

Margay is a good chassis but they didn't make many shifter chassis and that was a few years ago.

If you want to race find a track you like before you buy, most have different rules and different engines maybe be used. They are not flexable, you usally have to run what they spec. I sapose it evolved that way to limit pocket book racing, it looks confusing to an outsider often (rules/classes). As far as the pocket book limits they have had so so success at that.

Don't get in a hurray to buy if you plan on organized racing ... do the find a track rutine above ...

Organized racing is very specific on what you can/cant do, what you use, can't use , etc..... If you win some races you get you engine back in a box, dissasembled. Think of NASCAR (lol) and it gets that picky often...

Good luck if you have any questions ask any time

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