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Originally Posted by jamiesann
well unless he was there on scholarship it looks elitest. If he was a blue collar kid who got full scholarship for being a veritable genius thats different. All the blue collar union lemings and the same folks duffman just mentioned HATE , and nothing is more republican than saying no to a public school and paying $16,000 + a year extra to educate your kid.

Never mind the teachers union says education is important ... only important to give them jobs, not important if you value it so much you will pay a premium, also not important if you are a notorius race baiting democrat like John conyers ... .then you can send your kid(s) to crankbrook while your constituents rott away in detroit public schools you defend publicy.
Brother Rice offers NO academic scholarships, nor do they offer athletic scholarships. If a person went there, their family paid the tuition.

I will never understand people. You take an excellent candidate, with a stellar background, and you do not want to vote him into office b/c his family has money. Who cares!!!!! That is whats wrong with this the best candidate regardless if they are rich, poor, white, black, catholic or a jew.
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