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i am not anti gay. I dont care what other people do in their bedroom. I dont think they shoudl be able to get married. Just like single folks get screwed over by the system, gays arent producing the societal benefit of kids, so they should be able to be gay with out stigma, same civil rights as a criple, a black, a blind person etc with all afforded rights to freedom of persecution for their sexual preference. However gays ARE NOT the same as straights and should not be treated 100 % the same in every way. I am 100 % not homophobic just want to make clear i am saying i feel this way for practical implications.

I however would be willing to trade gay marriage for the abolition of affirmitive action. Pro gay marriage types have no ground to stand on when they also support affirmitive action. they want functionally the same thing(all races are equal yetsupport affirmative action) to be treated different. They want functional different sex to be treated the same (womens wages, woman work less overtime, and the fact they have kids makes them a rish to employee should they leave for caring the baby), and they want functionally different non offspring producing couples to be treated the same. GOTTA MAKE UP YOUR MIND! I know the liberal platform is based on having your cake and eating it too, but you gotta pick on idea and stick with it!!!

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