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I'm a conservative.

That being said, it doesn't mean I always vote Republican, although my values intersect with Republicans most often.

That being said, I have some pretty non-typical beliefs:

Have no problems with gays getting married - however if a church/organization doesn't agree with it and chooses not to particpate, that's their choice. So let's have no protests, whining, class action lawsuits, or lawmaking about it.

I'm pro-choice - better aborted than abused.

Would like to see some well-thought-out trade policies that levels the playing field (whatever protectionist nonsense applies to Pontiacs in Japan applies to every Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Subaru, and whatever else sold here - regardless where it's made). This doesn't mean preservation of the status quo/protection of the UAW - it means that if I can't play in your market, you can't play in mine.

Utility deregulation (telephone, electric, gas) is a crock - sometimes a monopoly is the answer. Is landline phone service any better or cheaper since AT&T was broken up (not to mention the fact that it's re-assembling)? No - we just have more people in the business.

Wish the religious right didn't have so much sway over the Republican party

I agree with Jesus (:miff:) that we need a viable third party - and maybe a fourth. People want more choice - and we'd have better government with more choice and fewer career politicans (term limits, term limits, and more term limits).
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