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Originally Posted by aber61 View Post
From the way I remember it, congress, yes all of congress and , were informed of WMD in Iraq. The genocide of the Kurds and the torcher of prisoners, civilian and political for the decades he was in power. Not to mention he allowed terrorists to train and go through the motions on Iraqi soil, harbouring terrorists.
Congress ALL voted and gave unanamous authority for Bush to go in and take out Saddam.
And when there was not as many WMD's found then the cryed foul. And was a way to begin thier reign against Bush for the next 8 years.
Anything bush did was wrong in the eyes of the liberal left in this country only fueled by the left wing media.
Another bit of info I heard today, about the patriot act the bush signed into law and the left again cryed foul, well it was about to expire and guess what the Obama administration did in private, behind closed doors so that even the media did not talk about it. They decided to continue the use of this act. The Patriot Act. The same act that the left cryed about as an abuse of government power. Maybe Bush did some good to protect Americans. More than what Obama is doing, which is NOTHING
Thats because obama still sucks ass He is such a shady f//ker
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