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Originally Posted by MetalOne21 View Post
i'm not trying to defend what he did at all he definatly deserved to die, what i'm saying is i dont see the reason americans can kill indians, hawaiians, eskamos(sp), take slaves, and still try to be the moral police of the globe, basically i'm just sayin before we go solving the worlds problems how bout we have that same gov that helps every starving country, to help our ppl, fix this country instead of getting distracted by the worlds problems....and if there was proof who ever had it would probibly be dead, or paid...but mostlikely dead
You can look at us as americans with morals. After we bombed Japan did we take over? No we helped rebuild thier country. Beat germany, we helped rebuild thier country also. We as Americans have done wrong but we have done more good to the world on a whole and contiue to give to the less fortunate countries. We as Americans have been blessed to be the richest and most powerful nation on the planet. We could have taken control of it. But no we did not. Do we have enemies?Yes. Do we have people that want what we have? Yes. We allow them to come into this country for the American dream. We have it very good here so stop complaining about the faults of past presidents and bash the one in power now because he will change the way we do things in this country forever unless he is voted out before he does more damage and that goes for the in power as we speak. This fall will take control and in 2012 a republican will also be president.
The people do not like what Obama is or what he believes is good for this country.
Wake up or grow up
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