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Default "Morality Issues"

Like I've stated before, I view myself as somewhat of a Moderate, I tend to go conservative on most economical issues, but liberal on those issues of morality. I think the war in iraq is stupid, I think our government wastes too much money and I could give a crap if a couple dudes wanna get married. I'm Pro-choice, it's not my body. I was just wondering why a lot of conservatives felt the need to push their morals on other people who don't quite share their views, i.e. gay marriage...Is it really that big a deal to you if a couple guys get married ? How in the hell does it affect you? You don't think it's "right"...ok, whatever, that's your opinion. You like NASCAR...I don't think that's "Right" ,Why not just stop worrying about things that other people do that don't affect you, you know? but ...anyway, just curious about your views on the matter.
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