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Originally Posted by Slade View Post
Should I keep going ?
You try starting first.

Originally Posted by Mr Toes
Are you a retard.
#1 Easter egg hunt at the white house Celebrated Christ rising !

Bad Obama, he claims we are not a Christian country, and is this what we can expect as one of his outstanding moments as president, an easter egg hunt.

#2 Holloween at the white house America's most popular holiday !

Again Obama's outstanding moment, handing out candy to kids that are dressed up in costumes. I don't know about you but expect a president to do a little more than that.

#3 Christmas in Hawaii Celebrated Christs Birth

Obama claims we are not a christian country, and this could be viewed as a racist thing based on religion. Doesn't sound good to me

#4 Bows to everbody Learned that from Nixon

You saying Nixon was a great president??????

#6 Isn't afraid to make the deficit huge Following Bush's footsteps

You're a fan of GWB, and since you say GWB did it that makes it a good thing????

#7 Has pulled all our troups from Iraq as promised This is Bad ?

This hasn't happened yet, it was sarcsim

#9 He got a Noble prize just like Al Gore And your point is ?

Al Gore is a F*UCK TARD

Should I keep going. LMAO
Should I keep going ?

Originally Posted by pizzaman
PLease enlighten me on what things he has done ok.
For you guys, he is the first democratic President to EXPAND the rights of gun owners in 100 years. (Signed into law our ability to carry firearms in National Parks)

He sent more troops to Afghanistan

He supports the "pay as you go" initiative that thr Republicans offered up a long time ago.

He supports John McCains initiative for Cap & Trade]

Isn't that all republican stuff????
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