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Originally Posted by Slade View Post
For you guys, he is the first democratic President to EXPAND the rights of gun owners in 100 years. (Signed into law our ability to carry firearms in National Parks)

He sent more troops to Afghanistan

He supports the "pay as you go" initiative that thr Republicans offered up a long time ago.

He supports John McCains initiative for Cap & Trade]

Do you want more examples ??
Are you twelve or stupid?

The Carry in National Parks was a rider attached to his credit card protection bill, attached by Republican Senator from Oklahoma.

He balked, hem and hawed on afghanistan. Costing military in lives and momentum, we are playing catch up because he can't make a decision with a poll.

PayGo after his exploding budget breaking the bank paying back his supporters with special interest projects and affirmative action.

"Cap and Trade"? You mean the energy tax that will quadruple the price of electricity, coal, gas, diesel, LPG to fund what? It has no purpose. In the meantime the dumb fucker has not done diddly squat to promote alternative energy. No tax incentives for wind, solar. Just the opposite, that Omnibus piece of shit closed off millions of acres of prime solar and wind power real estate. What about domestic oil production? Drilling ANWR or the Bakken.

Have you forgot about the Cash for Clunker dabacle?

So take off the kaleidiscope eyes and get back into the real world or do us all a favor and hang your liberal ass in the garage after you wipe your ass with the afore mentioned chainsaw.
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