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Originally Posted by mikesova View Post
I am rather skeptical about this article. I know, it's hard to imagine Business Insider to be anti- teacher union, but I feel like this story may have been a sensationalized a bit. If not, 1 ticket to R.I. please.
You Skeptical? No.....Really? I don't have a problem believing it. My Mom's School District has been screwing with them since the school was back in session in September. Her District is not the only District either.

If They took the same route (which they kind of are starting too) it would have, at least, giving some people relief. At the moment it sounds like the school principals are going to be able to choose all their teachers. Regardless of Seniority.

But, In this Example I think it's a Great Show that Unions are loosing thier Appeal to alot of people. This is something I find Refreshing. Unions did a great job at allowing for Fair wages and Hours but they have been out of hand for a while. I'm all for people getting paid fairly, That is, Fairly on both ends of the Spectrum. Paying some one too much just because the union says so isn't fair for the other people that do the same job either.
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