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Originally Posted by brewmenn View Post
This is my take on global warming/climate change.
First, I think this if one issue in particular where the moderates need to take back the discussion from the extremists. On one side we have the Al Gore types, running around like chicken little, screaming that the sky is falling. On the other side we have the global warming deniers, unwilling to accept the possibility that taking millions of tons of carbon, oxidizing it into CO2, and releasing it into the atmosphere might cause some changes to the environment. Add to these the “young earth Christians” (see footnote if this is you), who think the world was created in the current state. And then top it off with the media, who are in business make money, and know they can get more readers/viewers with headlines like “GLOBAL WARMINGS COMING. OMG WE’RE ALL GOING TO DIE!” than they can with “WE CAN KEEPING DOING WHAT WE’RE DOING FOREVER AND NOTHING BAD WILL HAPPEN”. With all these people making noise it’s no wonder that no real discussion can take place. We need all of them to shut up for a while so that those of us who can think reasonable and rationally, and who can take an unbiased look at the facts and data, can work out the best plan going forward from here.

So lets look at the facts:
The earth’s climate has been changing since it came into existence, and will continue to do so until it ceases to exist.
During the past century we have removed many millions (billions? trillions? more?) tons of hydrocarbons from the ground, oxidized them, and released the resulting CO2 into the atmosphere.
There are, and always have been, and always will be, natural sources of CO2.
During the past century the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere has increased.
During the past century there has been a reduction in the size of glaciers in many parts of the world.
During the past century there has been an increase in average temperature in many places in the world.

I’m sure I’m leaving out many facts, feel free to add to this list.
My opinions and conclusions based on these facts:
While it has not been proven that there is a direct cause and effect link between the release of CO2 from human activity and global climate changes, I think that there is enough evidence to suggest that this is a possibility. Because of this I think it would be wise to do what we can to limit the release of CO2.

While no one knows for sure what the long term effect of these changes are, given the scale of the global climate I think it is reasonable to assume that these changes may be slow in coming, long lasting, and difficult to reverse. Because of this I think it would be wise to take actions now rather than waiting until the effects on global climate are proven.

Having been to a 3rd world country I realize that it is our affluence that affords us the ability to care about the environment. You have to do what you have to do to survive today before you can worry about tomorrow. If we destroy our economy to try to save the environment in the long run we will destroy both.

I agree. Although I might have to wait for the foot note.

From a Christian Viewpoint there is no reason to worry (To be Anxious, Loose hair, sell all my cars and stop breathing) about global warming. I know where my future is headed. BUT, and let me say BUT again; It is our responsibility as Sons of Adam (and Daughter of Eve) to take care of this planet. That's the original purpose of our Ancestors. To take care of the planet and all that is in it. Christians should be the first to live as "green" as possible. My wife And I live as green as we can. When it's warm enough, I ride my bike to work and she takes the bus to school.

I just can't stand the people that are saying the world is going to burn in 100 years because we're driving cars. One thing that alot of "global Warming" people ignore, IMO, is that we're part of a Solar system that has a Sun that goes through cycles. It has hot spots, it's not a constant temperature all the time. Personally, I think that the Sun may have more to do with Global Warming then we do. We should do our best to try but, to an extent, it would be like putting an Ice cube in a boiling pot. It'll slow things down, but won't freeze the water. In the mid evil times they had a warming trend that far exceeds our temperatures now. I think our Climate Is effected by our actions but we're also experiencing a Warming from the sun more then anything.
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