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Originally Posted by aber61 View Post
The same type of people that are claiming global warming are the same group that claim evolution in true. If so where are all the transitional fossils? Why was Greenland called Greenland? Because at one time it was green. Only more ways to scare the public into believing lies to keep the vulnerable under government control.
poor example with no basis in fact...sorry

There are two written sources on the origin of the name, in The Book of Icelanders (═slendingabˇk), a historical work dealing with early Icelandic history from the 12th century, and in the medieval Icelandic saga, The Saga of Eric the Red (EirÝks saga rau­a), which is about the Norse settlement in Greenland and the story of Erik the Red in particular. Both sources write: "He named the land Greenland, saying that people would be eager to go there if it had a good name."
History_of_Greenland History_of_Greenland

The island was named Greenland just to get more people to settle there.
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