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Originally Posted by L4CX View Post
I find this story very interesting. I also find the Bias undertones to be ridiculous, at best. To be honest, they didn't need to mention it was a group of Baptists. Or even that they were affiliated with God. But they did, And I'm not surprised.

Also, Sova, I see what you did there with the 9 year old girl quote. Made it out to look like the Kidnappers tricked her into getting in the van with Candy or something. While thier actions and intentions are not completely known, or condoned, I can imagen that thier parents probably gave them up and told them "You're going to a Camp for a while" so the kids wouldn't struggle. No parent would ever tell thier child that they are letting them go because they can't afford to feed them anymore and that they wouldn't see them again. "Sorry Son, I have to give you up to these people because I can no longer afford to take care of you. Have a Good life, Don't do drugs, Stay in school." That just doesn't happen.

I think the Missionaries had the right idea and did more then any body on here would have done. They went down there to help; they took action. I think that's great. I'm sad that they weren't smart enough to go through the proper channels though. It almost sounds like the leader of this group may have jumped the gun because of heightened Emotions. JMO.
The way sova and most radiacal left wingers is to paint Christains in a negative light as to make themselves look like they are doing the right thing in telling others that Christians are not who they say they are and cannot be trusted. But what I have noticed is that liberals usually blame conservitives of what they themselves are most guilty of themself.
In this case these people went in to help children in need and give them a chance. Who knows what happened to their parents, dead or as L4 said it given up to a better life. Hatii is the poorest nation in the western hemisphere. Maybe Sova would like to go down there and do some good for humanity and bring us back the real picture and then see the spin he puts on it.
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