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Originally Posted by barry1me View Post
exactly Im glad someone is honest about fuel economy. Man I have done so many tricks to get fuel economy with diesels, and a lot of them help to get you higher mileage. Like last weekend I pulled my enclosed 21 ft snowmobile trailer (loaded weight 6k lbs) I was pulling it fast like 80mph. I was running my spartan 250 tune, and I got 10.2mpg(hand calculated). Well some jerk off with a lifted cummins dually told me he just pulled at 80mph pulling 8klbs and got 15mpg. No offense to cummins lovers, cuz its not just cummins guys that lie about fuel economy, its people in general are ignorant and have no clue. I have a buddy with a 6.4L on 37s, 6" lift with a spartan 310 tune and tells me he can get 21-22mpg. BULL CRAP!
Just about every new diesel owner refuses to believe that their truck doesn't get 25 mpg. The best I've seen out of my 5.9 on 35"s was about 19 MPG taking it incredibly easy on the highway with my Comp box on 1 and the fueling turned all of the way down. A while back, some guy on cummins forum was trying to convince people his truck got 26 mpg. When he got called out, he came back and claimed he got 22 mpg "hand calculated" and was all upset that his mileage was so poor. I just laughed.

In all honesty, the best mileage I've ever seen came from my dad's old '02 Duramax. That truck could get around 20 mpg on the highway on stock tires. Now my '99 7.3 rolling on 44"s... I don't even want to talk about that.
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