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Originally Posted by abagoz View Post
A ton of unemployed people on this site! WTF! would you even talk about buying something other than a Ford (Car and Truck on the year) Quality up to Toyota and Honda, consumer reports top quality award, Ford one of the top 10 stocks for 2009, GM or even Chrysler! Your neighbor is starving.. And don't had me that crap: but they are built in the US! Your AMERICAN dollars are converted to YEN and sent across the pond, to aid their economy!

Raptor 4wd mag truck of the year! Fusion Motor Trend car of the year! Transit Det NA truck of the year!

My 2 cents
She doesn't like the escape, flex is two expensive and doesn't want a car. Also I cant seem to find anything with as many options as this for less then 20k. So since I live in OH I'll buy something made by my neighbors.

And by the way thanks for adding your insight on the Element.
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