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Default FIXED!!! Can't Get PS3 to show Picture with HDMI cable.

FIXED! turned out that it set for 24 hz or something. Had to turn it from "on" to "automatic"!

Can't Get PS3 to show Picture with HDMI cable. Works with games but not with Blue Ray Discs?
Ok so I just picked up some Belkin HDMI cables for my PS3. They work great for my games. Have improved the picture tically. But when I put in a BlueRay Disc the TV goes blank. I can hear the Sound but no picture. The TV says, "NO device or Weak Signal" Its a brand new JVC 46" Teledock model.

I have changed the Settings on the PS3 to HDMI.

This is it.

these are the cables. they are 1080p cables. 1.3

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