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Originally Posted by grandwarpig View Post
"What have u done since u found out?" 12 hours ago?

Does anyone else think asking for your money back, after you trashed the shit out of them for a month, is kind of shit? Do you think there would have been any shit talking if there was a full refund a month ago, like there would have been if you would have ask then?

I will give your money back. however you never payed me directly. Get your club to contact me, either by phone (231) 882-5892 or by pm, and decide what you want to do. I will refund all money at one time, the same way I received it. This is what you should have done in the first place.
Are you referencing that "we trashed the shit out of them for a month" regarding the stickers themselves or me trashing you?

Shit Talking?

One comment was made in a secluded forum about not being happy with the service and product......its any consumers right to complain. You act as if I created an entire site bashing you. And the only comment that was every made up until this stupid thread (which was basically calling out those posting in said thread) was made yesterday. One comment 24 hours ago in a secluded/restricted forum was all that was every said about you or your stickers until this thread was created by YOUR buddy.

Other then your stickers being the wrong color there was no issues a month ago. So to say we should of complained a month ago is ridiculous.

I have asked the member who had paid you to contact you directly last night, and yes I agree its only been 12 hours. Miracles don't happen overnight. It takes time that's why I hadn't brought up the issue as he probably hasn't even contacted you yet.
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