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Originally Posted by Trail Junkie View Post
To be honest with ya, your service BLEW! Was told for a month stickers in the mail. Guess what u lied! I had to meet u while at work and pick them up, and they were in the usps envolope with no address. Guess u didn't try to send them after all! The shit we had to do to get the stickers we figured it was pointless to bitch to ya and get smoke blown up our ass like you are doin now. Fuck replaceing the stickers or atleast my 6 I bought just give me my $$$ back. I think the rest of the club would rather there $$$$ back also.

If you had a problem you should have said something way before now. I am happy to replace the stickers if only I new there was a problem. just to get this straight you want to talk shit behind my back until I find out that's what's going on. Then when I get pissed about your bullshit you want me to fix your sticker problem. Wouldn't it have been easier to just tell me you had a problem a moth ago and have me fix it then. I love how everybody is jump in here to bitch here but there are zero pm's in my inbox about any of this shit. You fucktards would rather bitch to your buddies then contcact me to fix it. What type of shit is that?

PP to you. I didn't lie. No one has wanted there money back! You make it seem like this guy is asking for his money or stuff and I am just fucking with him. This is not so. I am actively trying to make everything right with everyone. It is every easy to get ahold of me. I would fix this all this if people would tell me. it is total bullshit that no one wants to bring this to my attention, just talk shit. I talk to the guy your talking about last week and he did seem pissed to me.
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