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Originally Posted by PavementPounder View Post
The guy who ordered stickers from you at the end of November and contacted you wanting a refund - to which you answered that you no longer had his money and had not yet made the stickers, but could provide the refund if he waited a few weeks.

That particular customer is a long time member here. I've both done business with this person and work with him. He would not have bothered to post in that thread if he wasn't displeased about the way things went, as he's not the "complaining" type.
first, a few weeks is not true. Three days is what I told him as that is the time it take to transfer money to a paypal account, I have the pms. I use my paypal account to buy material, etc. and there is not always large amounts of money on it. not that it is your business.
second, he replied that he want his sticker not his money.
third, "he's not the "complaining" type" Just think about what your saying there. If you don't tell me your upset how do I know.
and finally if you look at this picture his stickers are all the way to the back all 6 of the sticker are his. he order 2. I'm give everyone extra stickers and things for me fucking up in December. Thanks for ruining the suprise
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