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Originally Posted by bodien View Post
If you read the bill this would not have affected Unions or other groups. It would only limit how Corps sent their money. Them spending on Political issues is no differen't than the unions who spend millions of our dollars on crap bills and campains we dont support! Whats the difference??? They deserve their voice too! Not just the Unions.
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The 2002 campaign "has been a nasty, snarling affair" replete with viciously negative attacks on TV, Overby says. "But tonight at 12:01, those kinds of stink bombs are supposed to get as scarce as Cinderella's carriage." That's because their funding is supposed to be cut off. The party committees pay for those ads with what's called soft money -- unregulated checks from corporations, well-off individuals, interest groups and labor unions.

Though McCain-Feingold takes effect tonight, critics say the law won't drive big money out of politics -- it will just unravel the political system as we know it. Attorney Cleta Mitchell, who is working on a lawsuit that challenges the law, says all that really will happen is that "political parties will be really chopped up, dismembered, and the money will flow to organizations that are essentially private political parties, private interest groups, splinter groups."
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(CBS) Today the Supreme Court struck down restrictions on ads funded by corporations and unions running within two months of an election. The decision should have little partisan impact: Many corporations would favor Republicans and most unions would favor Democrats.
Both will be affected. But all the attention is on corporations.
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