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Originally Posted by jimhri View Post
i detest the idea that every time i buy something from a national brand corporation some of my purchase value goes into their political action committee fund. i also detest how union dues end up doing the same. both should be prohibited.

>>>>>>>>>>the founding fathers said "government of the people, for the people and by the people" they didn't say 'government by the corporation or union'<<<<<<<<<<
If you detest these companies so much, then don't spend your money there. Your spending ability is one of your strongest voting powers. Use it.

Are corporations not owned by and union's not filled with citizens of this country? Does their right to free speech change at a certain income level or because they group together?

There are only three powers in this country, the people, the federal govt, and the states. Corporations and unions are part of the people.

You are playing the political game of class warfare. It's designed to keep the citizens fighting with each other while your liberty is suppressed by gov't.
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