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Went back to work today.
First thing was to make a 36" drill bit extension to clean out and grind on the inside of the tube.

Not a good pic, but I made it this afternoon, and it worked rather well.

After doing a lot of grinding and some cleaning, I pressed in the new tube. It was more like hammering it in till it wouldn't go anymore, then I wrestled the thing into the air and dropped it on the new pipe over and over till it bottomed out. Awsome.

You can see the new tube inserted in and the 3.5 piece on, but not up the weld area just yet. I also drilled the vent hole out for a plug weld. If you look closely you can also see the drill extension. :p

I welded the inside piece first, then hammered the outer piece just shy of the weld and burned that in. I then started making repeated passes, slowly filling in the gap.

Here is a look when it wsa just about done. The plug weld needs a little cleaning up still.

The ends need a little grinding as the inner tube sticks out a little at the top, but it is snug and should be a hell of a lot stronger than a new piece of .250 wall 3.5" tube.

BTW they did have .500 3.5" DOM tube, but lets just say that is just a little out of my price range. If I ever go all out and do a 14 bolt with custom legnth axleshafts etc. I might just do that, but for now I think I'm good.

Assuming I do not work tommorrow I will do the other side and degree up the inner C's and burn those on as well. I'm thinking 10 degrees for the pinion angle. Anybody have any insight on this?

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