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That has all the info and links to the law that one could want.

I have open carried on select occasions as I do not have a CPL, haven't had an issue but wouldn't expect it at my buddies cigar shop. While in there smoking there were quite a few customers to come and go, a few stopped and asked about my GLOCK 23 and inquired if it was legal to OC. I explained to them the law and the Attorney Generals (Granholm at the time) opinion on OC.

I OC rarely now that it is cold out and wearing a long jacket the gun could momentarily be covered by said jacket and then I would be in violation of CCW laws. And a felony is not something I wish to mess with. However once I have my CPL, soon I hope, I will exclusively OC.

I advocate OCing wherever you are, its your right and it is my belief that a right not exercised is a right lost.

Also check out there is a forum on there dedicated to OC. It has a lot of good experiences and bad ones. There is a lot to learn from these as to how to handle yourself if put in a situation involving harassment from the police. It is illegal for any LEO to stop or detain you for the sole fact that you are carrying a gun on your hip as long as it is in plain sight and not concealed.

The majority of issues reported have been from small towns such as St. Helen and Jackson. Several of the local LEOs there are unaware of MI preemption laws that make it illegal to local municipalities to have laws and ordinances stronger than MI gun laws. They are sadly uninformed of the actual laws and like to harass people.
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