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Default This blew my mind...

I've always had a job since I was 15, and I'm lucky and have never really been unemployed. I had an acquaintance call me at work today so that he could get some contact info from one of my employers contracting companys and seek a job. I like this guy, he usually does odd jobs for money under the table, and he's a good guy. I give him the contact information, letting him know that they work 12 hours a day on a 3,2 and 2 schedule, they start out at about $10 an hour, it can go up to $14 an hour if you pan out, all the overtime you can handle, but its a mindless, boring job many miles from his home.

After he and I run the numbers and calculate his take home and additional driving costs, it turns out that he would only be $30 a month ahead from the sparse jobs he does now. Why only $30? Well his wife collects SS for a medical issue as well. Getting a job modifies that income. I can understand that. After we come to that conclusion, he mentions to me that he can file as a full time caretaker for his wife, and get additional income to supplement the SS, which SURPASSES the income he would get with a full time job starting at $10 an hour, even without the additional odd jobs. This blew my mind, and now I'm stuck in WTF mode....Can someone do that? Is it that easy? Am I just a dick who can no longer relate to the unemployed?
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