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I'm guessing that ancient Egyptian society collapsed in the same way the Soviet Union did, and for the same reason. You can't have a Pharoah-God ruler single handedly directing the people and the nation's resources by fiat and still expect to maintain a viable economic condition over the long run. Those pyramids should stand as an eternal monument to the inherent folly of government spending. It may keep people busy, and it may look like things are getting done, but it merely squanders human and physical resources, and is inherently uneconomic. A collossal waste of productive human energy -- and for what? To assuage the ego of some delusional tyrant.
Just think how that society would have thrived if all those poor souls assigned to monument building and similar tasks had been allowed to pursue their own individual talents and goals.
I don't know much about Egyptian history, but obviously it was doomed to failure from the getgo.
This is one of the best quotes from the last artical
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