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Default How To: Install an OEM Brake Controller in a 2009 F-150

I recently picked up a 2009 F150, which has been just an excellent truck. When I got it, I wasn't able to find one with the brake controller option, so I decided to install one myself. Note: Your truck NEEDS to be equipped with the trailer tow package. Most were, but some base 4.6 models were not. Check your truck, if you have both the 4 and 7 pin trailer plugs from the factory, you should be all set.

Its quite easy to do, here's how:

Obviously, you need to get the brake controller itself. I got mine from Tasca auto parts online. They were pretty quick and had them in stock. The part number is 9L3Z-2C006-A for the 2009. I am pretty sure the 2010 is a different part number.

OK, once you have it, then you need to remove the coin tray below the shifter, thats where it will go. To do this, grab the bottom of the trim and gently pop it out. The whole piece is just held with clips.

Work your way up, unsnapping the clips. You'll want to pull out the right side, as the left side is slid under the dash trim.

Once its out, you'll need to unplug your 4x4 switch, if you have one. You can see it here, just push the button and release it..

once removed, you can see the coin tray here. I think its 9/32nd or 7mm to remove it, just two bolts....

When you remove it, you'll find it has a dummy plug molded into it, that the trailer brake harness is attached to, just unclip it, and get rid of the coin tray

Here's the new brake controller. Note the big rubber nub on the back, leave that on there, its a support pin/cushion for it. Plug it in, and install it into the dash with the two bolts.

OK, now reassemble the trim and its all installed. You should see it light the display up when you start the truck, then it will go blank. You may see a brake system fault the first time.

What you need to do now, is have it activated at your Ford dealer. If you are in the metro air, check out Suburban Ford, Natureboynate & Trailrail302 will help you out

Here is the procedure for the dealer, it literally takes 5 minutes or less. Once this is done, you are all set :)

Programmable Parameters
The message center will display TBC FAULT if it is receiving communications from the Trailer Brake Control (TBC) module, but has not been configured for a trailer brake system. If the message center displays TBC FAULT and there are no DTCs stored in the TBC module, follow these steps to verify and/or modify the TBC module programmable parameter in the Instrument Cluster (IC).

1. Identify the vehicle using the normal Integrated Diagnostic System (IDS) process.

1. Select Programming and press the check box.

1. Select Module Programming and press the check box.

1. Select Programmable Parameters and press the check box.

1. Select Personality and press the check box.

1. Follow the on-screen directions.

1. NOTE: The scan tool will display either EQUIPPED or NOT EQUIPPED to the left of TBC-IC.
Highlight TBC-IC.

1. If the IC needs to be configured for a trailer brake system, choose EQUIPPED and press the check box.

1. Carry out a self-test of the TBC module. Refer to the Trailer Brake Control (TBC) Module DTC Chart for any DTCs retrieved

NOTE: The trailer brake system is normally installed at the assembly plant, however, the system can be installed at the dealership but only if the vehicle is equipped with the trailer tow option. This option can be confirmed by verifying the presence of both the 4-pin and the 7-pin connectors at the rear of the vehicle as well as a receiver hitch. If the vehicle is not equipped with these 3 items, then it is not equipped with trailer tow and cannot have the factory Trailer Brake Control (TBC) system installed. On those vehicles equipped with the trailer tow option, the electrical connector for the TBC module is attached to the back of the coin bin/ storage tray. If the system is installed at the dealership, the TBC module will be installed in place of the coin bin/ storage tray and the Instrument Cluster (IC) must be configured to communicate with the TBC module. Refer to the Wiring Diagrams manual, Cell 95 Trailer/Camper Adapter and Cell 151 Component Location Views for connector and wiring information. Refer to Programmable Parameters in the Diagnosis and Testing portion of this section for information on IC configuration.

* Without a trailer connected to the vehicle and with the ignition key turned to the RUN position, the TBC module display lights up/proves out, but does not light up afterward (will not illuminate with input from the gain + button or slide lever)

* Instrument Cluster (IC) not configured for TBC system

* REFER to DTC U2202 in the Trailer Brake Control (TBC) Module DTC Chart.
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