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Default update!!!

All right dudes. Here is an update to the scrambler build!
I got the axles newly rebuilt back from ARC Spring. he ground off part of the housing (which is on the scout axles) and welded spring perches on the top as well.

We then preped the frame for the new YJ springs. As many of you are aware, CJs are 2 1/2" springs in the rear, but only 2" in the front where as YJs are 2 1/2" all the way around. We needed all new bushings in the spring hangers and because the bolts in YJ shackles are larger, we removed the metal sleeve in the bushings to allow for room.

We then constructed outboard spring mounts for the front (due to the wider Dana 44 scout axles) using the existing hangers. We at the same time did a shackle reversal in the front. As you can see, we didn't get the angle quite right. I will go with a smaller shackle and a lower front mounting point.

Here is what it looks like with the axles mounted.

We put tires on to get the droop corect so we could find pinion angles. Here is what she'll look like when shes got wheels!!

the next step will be the steering (deciding between hy-steer or something else) I can't seem to get a straight answer from anyone on which flat top knuckles will work for my scout axles. They have the Dana 30 knuckles (6 bolt knuckles, not the 8 bolt scout knuckles) and would like to get some good flat tops for it. brakes come after that then gas lines.

More to come soon!!
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