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Originally Posted by L4CX View Post
That's an interesting Article. It makes me think that maybe other religions came to the same thought as Christianity (or maybe visa versa) because they had oral stories that may have included the history of their people and how they got there. If that is the case it may give a hint to a possible world wide flood. I'm not saying this proves The Flood story or not, I'm just saying it could give some more insight to the possibility of it.

Now, to the subject of animal Species being with hostle animal species.......Let's just say this is Hypothetical. If you've come to the point were you're even considering an ark to be true you would have to also except the fact that God gave the provisions to make it possible. That would also mean understanding that the animals could have been made to act together.

Or if you want to go another route, They could have made walls. I mean, Is it that absurd to think about a zoo? Oh my Gosh, Tigers and Penguins in the same establishment!!! Oh wait, It isn't, because of Walls. I'm no biblically super scholar but I can pretty much tell you they figured out the science of Walls well before they build a Stinking ark. Just saying....
So your saying they rounded up polor bears and penguins in the desert and put them in a floating zoo?

People of those times didn't go very far from where they were born so how did they even know about animals they had never seen?
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