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That's a Sad Story. I think she should go to jail for a while and hopefully she'll learn her lesson. It's sad to hear about all the Drunk driving related accidents around MSU. I know MSU isn't exclusive, but being that I live very close, I hear about them all the time.

I was reading the comments on the artical and I found this comment to be completely outragous. Some guy from LA wrote this

I've been following this story from LA because I write screenplays about these types of events. This is so typical, here is an over conservative judge throwing the book at a great kid that made a mistake. Most judges would have done the right thing and had Melissa serve community service. It's very sad to see kid spend several years is prison because a judge is trying to appease the extreme right. Judge should be ashamed. Thanks to the internet the rest of the country can see what nut jobs like you are doing. All I can say is vote this guy out in 2014. Sorry Melissa, be strong.
Just completely mind blowing that someone would think that way. I'm glad I don't live anywhere near California.
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