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Originally Posted by RobbyStuck View Post
I know this probably isnt related but.. I crack up when government plated vehicle pass me doing 80 on the highway. Where's the "energy savings"? especially in cars that get under 20 mpg
Doesn't at all surprise me. Same way we have energy problems but our President is hauled around in a massive airliner, actually it takes two airliners for him to travel because the back up plane needs to come along too. Our politicians fly around in privately chartered jumbo jets and drive big suv's like anyone else.

They don't truly CARE about energy saving, it's just campaign fuel. It stuff that the public thinks they want to care about because the media makes a fortune manipulating information and conveying reports so the average joe things going and getting a Prius makes them a hero.

The politicians make empty promises about energy reform simply to get elected to their cushy 6 figure job. Driving around in a Prius doesn't show status..but something about a blacked out escallade with gov't plates is appropriately fitting for their mentality.
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