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Not to mention the millions of dead beat fukc sticks that were born here doing almost all the same things!! I had a asshole come to the tattoo shop on tuesday and want to pay for a Tattoo with a fucking bridge card!?! I told him to get lost. I seen him goto the bank on the other side of the parking lot and use the ATM and he then came back with a pocket full of cash and a shitty little attitude and handed me 200 in cash and said "there thanks for making me walk to the bank in the cold" I told him to get the fukc out and that if he can afford to use 200 off his bridge card for a tattoo that he didn't need the fucking card. He then told me he was going to go get a Lawyer and SUE me!! I then pointed out my sign that reads I have the right to refuss service to anyone at anytime for any reason. He left and then I called out to the welfare place and asked the lady who answered if it was ok for this asshat to use his welfare card for getting tattoo work and she said no and took down his name. I hope they take that shit from him.
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